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Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to enable success by building long-term trust with our customers, our partners, our people and our communities. At Firstnet Systems we believe that, If we do this, we will earn the trust and loyalty of our shareholders.

Our Purpose Helping - FirstNet-Systems

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved

Together, we’ve created a can-do culture where people matter and are encouraged to thrive. Our business has grown in capability, reach and reputation.

We’ve built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading technology providers. We deliver digital technology to some of the world’s greatest organisations.

But we could be even better

We have many opportunities to better enable our people and improve our business. As we grow, we need to remain agile and relevant to our customers. We must never forget what makes us different and why customers rely on us.

We can help our customers deliver faster

Our customers can be confident in our skills and solutions. They can trust our independence and experience.

Our partners can rely on our reach and scale. This means we can help customers make wise choices in a complex and changing world.

By acting with pace and confidence

We are giving our teams the freedom to make responsible decisions that meet customer needs faster. Investing to make our services more innovative and competitive.

Building on the capabilities of our people, supported by better systems and processes. Focusing on delivering digital technology at scale, where we can play to our strengths.

And together, becoming the best

We’ll understand what our customers need so we remain fundamental to their success.

We’ll work hard to keep our promises and always be honest and straightforward. We’ll build more collaborative relationships and continue to treat people as we expect to be treated.

We’ll act for the long term and always strive to improve what we do.

We’ll be the trusted enablers of success

Our customers will strongly recommend us for the way we help them achieve their goals.

We’ll be the preferred route to market for Technology Providers.

People will want to join us and stay with us, proud of our reputation, as we learn, earn and have fun.

We’ll be a trusted, agile and innovative provider of digital technology around the world.